for every flower
forced to bloom

uprooted (2019)

reel (2016-2021)

ouch! (2020)
phys ed (2020)
manifesto (2020)
this body (2020)

Yong Loh (they/them) is a multidisciplinary artist and filmmaker whose work explores cultural identity, queer utopias and imagined futures. Born to immigrants from Hong Kong and Malaysia, Yong is predominantly interested in exploring facets of their cultural identity in a personal and familial context. A throughline within Yong’s body of work is evoking a sense of hopeful optimism that is often not provided to marginalised bodies in popular media. With a strong belief in art as a decolonial healing tool, Yong roots their creative practice in community building and strives to increase its accessibility.

Currently, Yong is finishing their studies in Film & TV Production at the University of Southern California and is completing post-production on an independent short film, Tapioca Pearl. Over the past year, Yong has also been developing a ceramics practice by creating commissioned pieces for selected clients and working on a community cookbook with Jasmine Sears that will be released in Spring 2021.

At the moment, Yong is developing a body of work centered around grief, tradition, family, ritual and dreaming as an anticapitalist tool. As children, we are often discouraged from dreaming, as is too “impractical”. As adults, we do not invest time or energy into engaging with our dreams because we are forced to participate in a society where our productivity is supposedly a measure of our value. But what if we used our dreams to connect to our younger selves, our ancestors and to imagine the futures that originally belonged to us?

Instagram: @yongloh